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Hi Im looking for a good Gaming Computer Build from this website. .

My price range is $1200-$1400.

If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.

Im using this website as they can put the computer together which is something I dont know how to do.
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  1. Yeah sorry i didn't say i couldn't build a computer before i originally posted.
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    Do you need things like a monitor, keyboard, mouse & windows included in the price?

    @ Scorp Tech
    Core i5 2500K $279
    ASUS P8P67-PRO V3 $275 should be B3 not V3. Get that confirmed.
    Corsair XMS 4GB DDR3 1600 RAM $65
    Samsung 1TB Spinpoint F3 SATAII HDD $69
    LiteOn 24x DVD Burner $35
  3. Thanks for all the help! Yeah i was going to get windows 7 but not the mouse,keyboard and screen as they are only accessories and i can just use the ones i already have.
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