Is there a version of Digital Adviser for Vista?

Hey all, Thanks for the help..

Firstly I am sorry if this is not the right place for this..

I have a question regarding the digital cable adviser..Is there a version for Vista media center? If not please read on and maybe there is another way to help me..

I have an HP Pavilion 9035nr laptop... it is supposed to be the entertainment or media version of the Pavilion. It has the NVidia Geforce Go 7600, and the Intel T5500 Dual Core CPU. The TV Tuner is the HP Express Digital/Analog TV Tuner Card. I have no idea whether it is Hi Def or not...

My current set up for media is a Sony Wega Hi Def with the dcs3400 dvr plus the pc that you guys just leped me get working with Hi Def and my laptop mentioned above.

Before I had the Hi Def tv my laptop with media center was the only device I used for tv and it worked awesome.. Now that I have Hi-Def it just isn't that good. There are a few free digital channels that are Hi Def and I can access them with the PC but so far not with the laptop. This is what I want to be able to do..

I have not tried in a while but the last few times I tried I was unable to get my tuner to even tune in digital. This is why I was hoping for the digital cable adviser.. Is there a version for Windows Vista Media Center? If there is no adviser for Vista can anyone tell me how to get digital working with the laptop described here? Once digital is working Hi Def should also work? Right?

I have spent some time researching this issue and all I could find was something about enabling digital in the bios on certain Dell laptops with Vista.. Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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  1. Vista did not support clear QAM digital cable when it came out (Windows 7 supports it natively). Microsoft released a "TV Pack" for Vista that allows clear QAM digital cable for Vista, though it sometimes introduces bugs.

    In short, do you have the Vista TV Pack patch installed on your laptop? If not, that is why you cannot pull any digital cable channels.
  2. I installed the tv pack but I still cannot even get my tv tuner to load the digital channels during media center set up..

    Thanks so much
  3. You may have to map the channels manually. Look around the channel setup options in WMC.
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