Anyone with a Sugo sg03?

I'm looking forward to refining the build I have on paper, and found this to be more my size of a case. Its no boxy Lian Li, but still provides the essential (to me, as tropical weather would demand so) dual 120mm potential intakes that I require.

After reading up on this micro atx case, I found that the PSU practically mounts atop the mobo, thereby reducing the space overhead the CPU. I'm worried about CPU heat, due to lack of air.

Has anyone had experience using this case and heat inside it in general? I'm working from the standpoint of case fans only, as I'm not an overclocker.

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated :D
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  1. anyone? :(
  2. Just worried about heat issues, and other build quality issues with the SG03. In fact, I'm still searching of a smaller micro-ATX case that should be good for thermal issues, size (smaller = better) and should have room for usual gaming stuff like a nice GPU.

    So far, the SG03 is the best I've found, but I'm open to suggestions.

    For the SG03, I'm worried about build quality, build experience, and most importantly, heat, especially with the PSU above the CPU.
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