Laptop freezes during boot process. Becomes very hot

My laptop all of a sudden freezes during boot up. will not even go into bios or self recovery mode. Discovered later the fan don work cos the base was very hot. Before the final freeze, it's been hanging and working. Could it be that the bad fan had damaged the processor and could that also haveaffected the motherboard?
Tried to reinstall the OS, it terminates with the blue screen displaying error msg about possible hard drive or hardware fault.
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  11. Quote:
    Try this:
    -Boot up without any USB devices attached.
    -Boot up without the battery or cd/dvd drive.
    -Update your drivers...specifically video, sata, power management, chipset, etc.
    -Update your BIOS.
    -Run a CHKDSK /R on the drive.

    did you not read what he just said..

    he needs to replace the internal fan....
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