ATI HD5570 no HDMI audio

Ok... I've reinstalled the the drivers and still no sound via HDMI to my receiver. I have check the catalyst menu and there is no audio setting.. so i went into the audio settings in my pc and Rockfish is the only audio card listed. I am trying to set up a media pc with blu ray and DTS HD audio. I have over 60Gigs of 24bit audio so i would like to keep the Rockfish. HELP! :pt1cable:
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  1. I got this from HIS's website (If the images aren't showing up, right click the broken images below and copy the url, then paste them into another tab):

    Windows Vista / Windows 7 Users:

    Go to Control Panel (select classic view in the top left if needed)

    Now find sound and click on it.

    You should now see a list of playback devices, select Digital Output Device (HDMI) and right click on it. (depending on your HIS graphics cards and it could be slightly different)

    On the right click menu select Set as Default Device.

    That’s it, simple as that! The audio controller on your HIS graphics card will be the default sound device.

    You might have to select the volume control in to the system tray and ensure the volume is fully turned up.

    Your sound will now be going through the HDMI cable to your TV or Receiver as well as the picture.

    If you ever want your sound to play though your computers sound card just set it as the default device again.
  2. With Win 7 it's easy to just right click the sound icon in the TRAY (bottom right) and click "Select Output Devices" or something along those lines, then like the above, set the HDMI to the default output.

    Alternatively, you may only be installing the Video drivers and not the Audio... just make sure, if the selection isn't available.
  3. Im running windows XP does that matter? I will try the HDMI audio drivers thanks...
  4. It only matters in how you get to it. You'll have to go through control panel like pallimud posted.
  5. Not sure if you got this issue sorted...but I did, so just wanted to share.

    I had this same problem... No Audio with my new ATI HD5570. Tried a few things...including the latest ATI card drivers (11.7) and tried going through many of the settings other's suggest....all to no avail.
    I am running a HDMI to CAT5e to HDMI extender about 16M long.
    I started changing cables over, and trying other TV's....still Failed.
    But then.... got it going nicely when I installed the Latest HDMI realtek (hdmi_r255.exe) driver.
    Too easy! Just install, hit the - Sound Devices > Playback > select HDMI Audio. Did the trick for me.
    Hope that helps.
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