MSI K9A2 troubleshooting.

Hello All this will be somewhat of a lengthy explanation, do bear with it.

I'm trying to gather new perspective on a issue that has been plaguing my system for a few months now. It doesn't render the system unusable but hinders performance and causes programs to lockup. I put my rig together back in 08. Main components featured the MSI K9A2 Platinum mobo and a AMD athlon 64 x2 processor. I purchased a new hard a few months back, formatted it and everything was working properly. I then encountered slow downs and sluggish performance, after the hard drive had been functioning normally. I realized the SATA interface was incorrect. It was a 6.0Gb/s instead of the required 3.0GB/s. I removed the hard drive and just used my older one, the former was just going to be for secondary applications and backups.

The problem however continued to persist, programs would essentially freeze up. I could alt-tab out of them, but the hard drive would be in a constant state of loading cycles. I then decided to run CPU tests and memory tests using a couple programs. Everything seemed to be running normally. I then all together decided to just buy a brand new hard drive and go from there. About a month or so without any issues on a clean install of Windows XP and upgraded drivers, the freezing up of programs came back. I then decided to just try a SATA controller, seeing how it may just be the SATA ports aren't functioning as intended.

The system was running smoothly for around three weeks, then the problem once again returned. I've even switched out the SATA cables with fresh unused ones. I'm at a lost to what may be occurring, I've considered just upgrading the BIOS to see if that helps and upgrading my processor. It's pretty much due. It's crossed my mind that the mobo is slowly deteriorating, but considering that MSI makes solid mobo's and I have a much older k7n2g which is running strong still. I'm skeptical, if it is the lingering SATA issue, I'm not sure how to proceed with finding a solution. Any help or advice would be welcomed. The freezing up of programs varies time-span. Sometimes it doesn't happen for three or four days after a initial freeze up. Rebooting my system entirely is a temporary solution.
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  1. From your description, it doesn't sound as if you have a SATA issue at all. I would look into updating the system BIOS.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I successfully flashed to the most recent BIOS this morning. Hopefully the problem is corrected. Will just have to wait and see. :-)
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