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AZZA Cases

Whats the opinion on AZZA cases? Need to buy a Full tower case because my cpu fan sticks out of my mid-tower, cant close the side panel
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  1. I know you're looking for a full tower, but if your goal is to be able to accommodate a tall CPU cooler, a good economical upgrade that will accommodate a tall CPU cooler is the HAF 912 at USD $50-60. I use this case with a Hyper 212 plus. with an inch to spare and no fans blocked on the side panel or top. It's pretty impressive for the price.
  2. Thank you for your response.

    I was wondering if mid-tower cases were able to fit the larger heatsinks. I have the OCZ Vendetta 2. I also have 4 hard drives and an XFX 6870. It is impossible to find the dimension size of the entire heatsink/fan assembly and compare it to the internal space that a case offers.....
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    The 912 will fit even larger last-gen cards. The center drive bay can be removed to accommodate the longer last gen cards even (up to 15.4") and still has bays for up to 2 SSDs and 3HDDs.

    Are all your drives HDDs or do you have any SSDs?

    If you have all HDDs?

    If you have 4 HDDs, you'll want to keep the center bay in. This case can accommodate up to a 10.6" card ( ). As long as the 6870 (9 7/8" long per ) you choose has the power connections on the side-panel side of the case (not toward the front), this case will be just fine. Most newer cards are setup this way.
  4. Yes I have all HDD, no SSD as of yet.
    As per the dimension is 10.3". Ive measured my own at 10.5"... I dont think I want to take the chance.

    The power connector is not going to be an issue as it is faces the case side.
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