Removing a capacitor from a mother board

hello my name is larry. my question is how to remove a bad capacitor from a computer mother board
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  1. Use a small soldering iron and a desoldering pump (solder sucker).
  2. Soldering Iron + Solder Wick. If you are skilled (which I am guessing not, since you are asking for advice) You can heat both leads a the same time and simply pull the Cap up. Reverse to install. New caps come with long leads so you can 'Shimmy' it in. I would leave this to someone who knows what they are doing if I were in your shoes, or you may end up damaging a Solder Eye which is a pain in the ass in itself to replace, much more to blabber on about how this is a bad Idea, I would just save yourself a headache and take it to a computer repair shop with new Cap in hand and ask how much to replace. good Luck!
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