Why do i have low fps in css

hey, when i play css on like a zombie server with 30-40 players and like 15 palyers on the screen my fps drops to 35-40, why?
it gets really choppy and unable to play. i have a phenom II x6 1055t at deafult clock speed and a gtx 560ti 4gb ram.
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  1. I would suspect this is more likely an issue with the processing power/internet bandwidth of the server you are connected to, vice it being your issue.....; the server will/should cap the fps to sub-40 fps to prevent any one player with a fast system from boggin it down/clogging server bandwidth with 100-200 fps updates....
  2. i have a pretty good internet and my ping is always around 20-40 on all servers, i overclocked my cpu from 2.8ghz to 3.08ghz but didnt see much of a difference, a couple fps
  3. what he is trying to tell you is,

    when playing online games the biggest casue of slow downs is the server you are connected to,

    usually there is nothing you can do, some isp's throttle game traffic so that could be your problem
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