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Hey guys/girls, im hoping to start my first build in a few months, and like anyone have been reading and researching and hopefully picked the components I will need. However, seen as its my first build I would like to just check that everything is compatable and see what else you would recommend or not? My budget isnt great, around £400 - £700. Its mainly for using xna and other such programs when i start university in september, but I would like to be able to use it for gaming and video editing etc...

anyway, these are the componenets I have chosen (would i also need to buy cables etc, or will they come with each item?)

Case -


Motherboard -



Hard Drive -

DVD Drive -

Graphics Card -

Wireless Card -

Sorry its so long winded, thanks

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  1. Hmm this was my sub 500 quid solution off EBuyer UK so perhaps some ideas ^^
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