5870 CFX low Bad Company 2 fps?

Howdy howdy,

Just got a 2nd Vapor-X 5870, did the install correctly, removed vid card drivers before even putting in the 2nd card physically, came back into Win7 64bit, updated to latest full Catalyst suite, enabled Crossfire, etc.

It works in Wow, I noticed the boost in the FPS after I put WoW in fullscreen mode (Crossfire doesn't work in WoW if in windowed fullscreen mode). So WoW is fine. But moving on to Bad Company 2....

I first looked for a full screen or windowed mode in the BC2 video options but don't see anything like that. Problem is that using Fraps, I see I'm getting between 40-80fps, sometimes it spikes to over 100 but this all seems low still.

According to benches I see, I should be getting around 120-140fps. There's differences in the benchmarked test hardware and what I have, but 40-80fps seems low for double Vapor-X 5870's (which are clocked higher than normal 5870's)

-- Hardware --
i7 860 at 2.8 not overclocking
8gb Corsair XMS 9-9-9-24 2T
Vertex 2 SSD
Gigabyte P55 SLI/CFX mainboard
and the double Vapors
X-Fi sound

Running 1920x1200, 4xAA, 8xAF

I think I'm either not running on both cards, and somehow only the main card is running still, or something else in the system is the bottleneck. WHAT'S WEIRD though is that I put it to 1xAA and no AF and I see no difference in the FPS that fraps is reporting. I put it back to 4xAA, and increase to 16xAF, even turn on the HBAO or whatever that last DirectX 11 video option is at the bottom, and go back to game.......FPS still hasn't changed.

So it doesn't look like I'm even taxing or affecting the card(s), wondering if I'm CPU limited somehow or I'm accidentally using just 1 card.

AGAIN, Crossfire is setup right in the OS, it just might not be on in Bad company 2. Anyone else running CFX 5870's with similar hardware to me and getting better Fraps FPS?
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  1. Even tho you have a i7 i'm sure the cards would benefit more with a faster CPU like around 3.3 or 3.4 ghz.
    And when they test the cards in BFBC2 they play one of the campaigns which will give very different FPS compared to online play.But you should be getting around 40-80fps for only a SINGLE card not dual.Dula cards should give you near 100FPS.

    I'm not sure what the problem could be,try checking if you installed the crossfirebridge correctly.Other than that i dunno.
  2. I'm reading now in other threads other people having problems with just the main card running in BC2, 2nd card stays at 0% load or stays cool when reading the temps in GPU-z

    That's gotta be what's going on, I'm somehow still only using 1 card. I'm going to disable crossfire and see if my fps changes at all. Then going to put crossfire back on, run GPU-z on each card, switch to the temp monitoring tab, go in game for a bit and alt-tab back quickly.

    I bet i'll see only the first card hot
  3. Ok, yea, I found the problem. It's the drivers. I'm reading that ever since the 10.6 Catalyst, they broke Crossfire in BC2. It's not broken for anything else, just for BC2 apparently.

    I'm going to go try to find the 10.5 catalyst as that's the last one that people were using fine. People getting 130fps, then updating to 10.6 and bam....40fps like I'm getting. I had loaded the newest off ATI's site, 10.12 or something
  4. Sounds good,hope it works.
  5. SOLVED: The problem was entirely the drivers. Jesus Christ, ATI and their drivers....sigh. I tried 10.7, 10.9, the newest 10.12 all were crap in BC2. Ultimately fixed it by installing Cata 10.5. Now I'm blazing along at 140-150fps at 1920x1200, 4xAA, 16xAF

    In addition, using fraps, when I'd first join a match in BC2, i'd notice that during the beginning part where you choose your class, the game bogged down to 8fps. After I pick my class and spawn, then i'd be back up to 40-80fps, but here's the funny part......Crossfire X was enabled. GPU-z while in BC2 showing thermals on both cards and they were both up at 875Mhz while in game (157mhz in OS)....so BC2 is clearly using both cards, Crossfire was on.

    Yet here I was getting just 40-80fps. Just for giggles, I had previously turned off Crossfire, got back in BC2 in the same empty server I was in, same spot and I was getting the same 40-80fps with just 1 card, fast forward to here and there I was getting the same 40-80fps with Crossfire on and both cards confirmed going. These drivers are seriously screwed up.

    Read all these problems with Cata drivers from 10.6 on, so I went and got 10.5, and not only does the game not bog down to 8fps while choosing a class, that part stays at 60fps, but now in game......at that same spot I was getting 40-80fps before? 140-150fps now.

    This will be the last time I buy ATI, I'm sick of their drivers. They've been like this for years. Nvidia for life for me from now on. Atleast 10.5 cured me for now though. I hate and love ATI, love the cards, just hate their drivers. So can't deal with it anymore. I'm Nvidia fanboy on my next upgrade.
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