Cannot access alot of websites

Hello, i am having a problem with loading multiple websites.

I recently upgraded to an i7-2600k and z68 asrock mobo. (i had a 955be an msi mobo). Anyway i reinstalled windows (just an overwrite not clean install). Then i could not load, and a host of other websites. I am in a pc gaming clan and need to be able to access my yahoo email and some of the sites that i currently cannot access. So i tried a clean install on same hard drive and still same problem. So i tried a clean install on a second hard drive, still same problem. I have also tried a ethernet card (thinking maybe the onboard ethernet was defective). I have updated all drivers. I have not updated the bios cause it is only 1 update off. and that update says it has nothign to really add. I have win 7 64 bit os.

I also have an old vista computer on the same router that has no problems accessing these sites, i changed the computers to the other ethernet cables just to make sure and the vista one has no problems on the cable my gaming comp is on and my gaming comp still cant access on the other cable. so its not a cable issue.

I have flushed my dns, reset the modem and a bunch of other stuff that i googled ( i can load that at least, but cant connect to any microsoft help pages). So i use my other comp to look up microsoft help pages and tried the stuff listed there.

Also i cannot load adobe flash player - think this might be part of the prob. I go to adobe and click flash player, and the comp downloads it into my downloads. Then i open it and it starts downloading but stops at 12% and says connection timeout. every time. if i let google toolbar install with it that installs just fine, that connection doesnt time out. Im getting really frustrated and the only thing i can think of is to call my isp or microsoft and see what they say. Does neone have any ideas?
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  1. You might want to completely reset your router. I had a similar problem accessing one particular site, and that fixed my problem.
  2. Virus in MBR? Re-partition the drive to overwrite it.

    Maybe your being blacklisted as a spambot?
  3. i have reset the router. what more could i do router wise?

    Also i have tried 2 seperate hard drives so wouldnt that take care of that issue? Also how do i find out if im listed as a spambot?
  4. spambot will block e-mail, not web browsing.
    I would reformat the drive and start over from scratch.
  5. If you can access some sites, and not others, then it is a software issue, and not a hardware issue.

    You might look at your internet security parameters. Something is blocking your access.
  6. CaedenV said:
    spambot will block e-mail, not web browsing.
    I would reformat the drive and start over from scratch.

    i did reformat. when i did the clean install on the two seperate hard drives i reformated them both before the install. Also we have eerily similar setups. My new setup is the asrock extreme3 gen3 with i7 2600k only 8gb of 1333 and i have sli'ed 570's with a 1000w psu.

    I have checked my internet options and cant find anything wrong. i have used ie8, ie9, firefox and chrome and nothing. where else should i look. i also placed yahoo as a trusted site and still cant get in.
  7. I would check the router as kingloser suggests, since u have re-installed the PC, u did a clean install, right? Not just re-image the system.

    Did u mod the windows image?
  8. well after all this time i managed to find the problem. drumroll plz :sarcastic: windows key did not validate. had to end of call microsoft and doind there activation by phone thing.
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