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Choosing the right high end card

Hello, I am about to build a new rig and I am trying to figure out on a $600 dollar budget what is better between: 1x Gtx 580 vs. 2x Gtx 570 vs. 2x 480. Lmk what you guys think. I have a few weeks before this has to be resolved.
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  1. Other than the budget/performance concern, you need to ensure that your PSU is up to the task and that your system's cooling capability can handle whatever path you choose (airflow).

    So, what make/model of case and PSU are you using (planning to use)? Also, what other devices/components will be in this system? What resolution will you game at? Etc....

    To get good feedback from the forum, you'll need to clarify a few things first. Good luck!
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    The 2x GTX570's will cost ~$700. A single GTX580, like I have, will destroy any game at any resolution at any level of maximum details. I would not get two GTX480's, as they get hot and loud. The 570/580's have very good heat and noise signatures in single and dual card configurations. In fact, when you add a second card, they will only register a minimal increase in temperature and noise level. Since their excellent vapor chamber cooler vents heat outside the case, the impact on your system/case temperatures is minimal.

    I see your two options as:
    -Get 1 GTX580
    -Get 1 GTX570 and add a second later on when you can afford the extra expense (for that matter, you might be able to afford a second 580 later on, if you decide to go that route)
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  4. Id get a 570 now and save the $160 ....put some of that into a great PSU like the XFX Black Edition ($110), Antec CP-850* ($120) or Corsair HX850 ($150) and a great case like the CM HAF-X or Antec DF-85.

    * requires antec compatible case

    Come XMas newe games will start to test a single 570 and ya can buy yaself a 2nd 570 .... SLI'ing 2 580's will require more than an 850 watter and PSU costs climb significantlky beyond that point
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