WoW w/ this card ?

I am looking to upgrade my pos integrated video card that allows me to run Wow on low-fair settings at 20-30 fps to this card

Its about the best i can upgrade too on my system. For those in the know would this allow me to play on much higher graphics settings or just a mild increase ?
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  1. From what I hear, WOW is very much CPU intensive, so what is your CPU? That card will for sure increase performance but if your CPU is very slow it might bottleneck the thing.
  2. Hey OS Outlawz-

    what resolution do you play at? You can check in the video settings in the game.

    Please post your system specs (processor, RAM, etc).

    Since you are probably playing at lower resolutions, at lower graphics settings, that card should give you very playable FPS in almost all areas! Make sure to post your particulars though to verify.
  3. Processor : AMD Athalon 64 3200+
    2.5 gigs RAM
    Intergrated video card (Nvidia GeForce 6150 LE)
    Windows XP SP3

    I dont have to run it on ultra I would just like to play with much better gfx and visible range. I do believe I play on 800x600 but of course I would like to make that better as well.
  4. yea, wow is pretty cpu limited, when i got my new athlon II x4 even with my old crappy 8500gt there was a noticabel difference over my old socket 939 am64 chip .

    whats your whole system like?

    my wife had a hd 4670 that we jsut replaced with 2 x gts 450's in sli which should run wow perfect but due to her cpu being a old single core we got zero improvment (was not expecting any, but she wanted the gpu's before the new cpu/mobo because she thoguht her cpu was good enough and what do i know)

    that card should be able to play wow depending on the res at medium settings with a good enough cpu and at least 3 gigs of ram (pref 4 gig + ... and yes wow will saturate that much ram)

    ^ yes it'll give you a nice uprade and you should definatly be able to get beyond 800x600 with that card maybe 1280 x 1024 with medium settings
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