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I have a Dell T710 I'm trying to put a ATRI V7800 in which requires a separate 6 pin p/s connection. The hot swappable PSU won't allow me to put in another PSU and there is no separate 6 pin cable I can use for the graphics card.

I know the usual recommendation is to replace the PSU but in this case that is not possible. If I were to get another PSU, mount externally and then route the power cable into the case to power this GPU, would it work? i assume i'd have to turn connect both to the same power strip and flip on at the same time and, a bit of a hack but, would it work?
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  1. Ha! I had this same question, I wanted to test out a PSU and wanted to just connect the graphics card to my board and a separate PSU 6 pin to the card only.

    I'd like to see what others say.
  2. Can you get a 5.25" bay supplemental power supply to work in your case?

    Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/FSP-Booster-Certified-Crossfire-PCI-Express/dp/B002IZE5RE
  3. Nope: the t710 has an 8 bay how swappable drive config where it only takes Dell hot swappable drives (no cabling)
  4. You can use a second PSU but you have to so something involving crossing a couple wires so it gets the "power on" signal, or else maybe splice into the same wires on the other PSU (not that I recommend that, I don't know enough about PC circuitry but in theory it should work). Anyway so the answer is yes, but you'll have to search for which two wires you need to connect to close the loop.

    EDIT: here you go:
  5. Merging two units is a risky endeavor if you do not know what you are doing or not confident but if you don't have any choice please look through guides and do research. The last thing that any one needs is a damaged machine or a nasty shock.
  6. Sorry to hijack this thread, but I was wondering if you could do this.

    Take an old PC and plug the power supply into it and boot that machine. Then take the 6 pin from that old machine's power supply and plug it into your graphics card. Then boot up the new machine which has the graphics card connected to the pci-e.

    Would this work or would it somehow fry the graphics card?
  7. I chatted w/an EE and, his comment was: "make sure they are grounded together e.g. attach a ground cable from the PSU chassis to the Dell chassis to ensure the same ground and, make sure they turn on about the same time". e.g. no need to get the power-on lines connected eletrically, just can do the same with the power switches turning them on a the same time.

    He talked about making sure the gpu wasn't powered for long periods before the mobo was powered (as it's not designed to be 'powered' from the pci slot) but, somewhat of a guess.

    i'm going to try one other thing however before i do this.
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