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How can I build a cheap computer for around $250.

I was thinking about buying a triple core processor and unlocking the 4th one. What do you guys think? Or should I just go ahead and buy a quad core computer?

I don't need a graphics card because I am building this for my parents for very casual use (i.e. internet browsing, word documents, excel, etc.)

Don't need anything fancy.

Looking for:

At least a 3.0+ ghz processor (quad core)

4gb of ddr3 ram

cheap case

don't need to much hdd space

windows 7 OS

and im assuming i can use a pretty cheap power supply, correct?

Please give me some cheap recommendations, thanks in advanced.
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  1. They don't need a quad for that, a dual core would be fine. But anyway
    No OS in this budget, use some XP.
  2. +1
    mosox said:
    They don't need a quad for that, a dual core would be fine. But anyway
    No OS in this budget, use some XP.

    Can't do much with $250 for a quad-core considering they run 100 bucks windows 7 would be another 100 leaving 50 for the rest lol not happening.

    That combo mosox posted is about as cheap as it gets for a true quad core, and a dual core is gonna be plenty for there use. Lite-On DVD G.Skill 4GB Memory WD Blue 500 GB Windows 7 code EMCKGJK45 for $10 off CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 & NZXT case MSI 880GM-E41 AM3 AMD 880G AMD Athlon II X2 250 3.0GHz

    400 bucks shipped 365 after rebates. 275 if you drop the OS
  3. As has been pointed out the Windows 7 will cost you $100+.

    At $250 you're going to get crap. For $250 I'd just go get used, I think you would get better bang for the buck.

    Given your parents' VERY casual needs, consider Linux instead. A distro like Mint is well supported, can be reskinned to look identical to Windows (your parents need never know!) and will perform very well on the hardware you will inevitably procure for this. It's also free. 4GB of RAM is overkill, don't need it, 2GB or even 1GB will be perfectly fine unless your parents are wrangling immense spreadsheets (in which case, go for 2)
  4. Good luck getting a computer with your specs for 250.
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