How to access home files from outside as a network drive?

Hey guys,

I'm looking for an easy way to access the files from one of my network computers from anywhere over the internet. I would like to do this without installing any extra services or programs, if possible. I know I can remote desktop into the PC from outside and transfer files like that, but I was hoping it would be possible to map a network drive?

That is, have a folder on my home PC be a network drive on an outside PC. Just like how I've set up my school's drive as a network drive at home.

PC to be accessed: Windows XP Pro
I also have dynamic DNS set up

There are two ways that come to mind how I think this might be possible: FTP server and VPN. I just need some pointing in the right direction.

An FTP server would allow me to access 1 folder from outside, right? And a VPN would allow an outside computer to access ALL the computers on my network?

thanks in advance!
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