Under performance with 6850?

Ive had 2 random ocassions where it seems i am under performing on some games. one time i booted up Crysis on my rig, and at an area where i would usually get 30fps avg is was getting around 19fps avg. Also on another occasion in the heaven benchmark i was getting 10fps average! when i usually get 30fps average!What could be wrong? is it my cpu or gpu or is it something else? If i restart the program it would go back to normal fps. could some one help?

AMD Phenom II x6 1055t
4gb DDR3 1333mhz ram
XFX 6850
lsp550 550 watt psu
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  1. Your FPS are compared to... what?

    Also make sure you're not forcing through features in CCC like SSAA, and also, make sure the in game settings are the same. Crysis in particular can be shitty since it's so old and poorly optimized. Warhead runs far better. But anyway, just some thoughts.
  2. the in game settings are the same. i could understand the crysis situation about it being poorly optimized but, the heaven bench mark situation was weird. i had all the same settings i used the other time i used the benchmark and it wasnt even going over 10 fps.
  3. Yeah but what was the old graphics card you were using?
  4. I wasnt comparing to any other graphics card, just my 6850. For example, i usually play BFBC2 at 60 fps avg wtih my 6850, but then i take a break for a while and when i boot it back up to play again, the fps stays at 30fps or lower. it happens with all the other games i have played. some time restarting the game makes the fps go back to what it is usually at. Could it be a psu problem? my psu isnt the best. i also check my cpu temps while playing and it only goes to 41 degrees Celsius. also my gpu usage is at 100% (i dont know if thats bad or good.)
  5. Could you post a GPU-Z screenshot that shows GPU usage while you're gaming?
  6. Yeah that's odd. Like Tamz said, if the FPS are sucking, run GPUZ and/or MSI Afterburner with the graphs showing, play the game for a couple minutes then take a screen shot of the usage. My guess would be that for some reason the card is stuck at its 2D settings like 157/300 instead of ramping up the clocks as it should.

  7. I finally got a screen shot of when my fps is low. your guess is right, it seems to get stuck at 2d mode. does any one know any way i could stop this from happening? it doesn't happen often but it is very annoying.
  8. Overclock it a little bit and see if it helps.
  9. I'd first try a complete driver reinstallation. Start by uninstalling ATI drivers, then run Driver Sweeper and then reboot the system. The resolution should now be really bad. Install 10.12 again, reboot, and see if it's fixed.

    If not, next step could be to try an overclock (or if you're already OCed, try stock for a bit)
  10. I recently had this issue with my 6950/70. It turned out to be a problem with Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash.

    If I played an Flash video within IE, my clocks would change to a 2D like setting, but not the same clocks as normal, which would cause a flicker on the screen. Once this would occur, it would remain at those clocks, even when I tried to game. The moment I close that page, my clocks would resume as normal.

    I found using Mozilla Firefox fixed the issue. That or you can just make sure you don't leave open a page with a Flash video when you wish to game.
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