What does this mean? is there something wrong with my gtx 480?

hi there guys,

im just wondering on my evga gtx 480 sc graphics card..it has different figures in my cpu-z than what it has in its product specification regarding with the core, shaders, & memory clock...can anybody please explain this to me? is there something wrong with my graphics card?what do i need to do?

here is the product specs
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& here is what i have in my cpu-z about my gtx 480 performance
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  1. Is that running a graphics intensive program? Most video cards go into a low power state to reduce heat and power consumption. try running a game or something and see what it reads then. I suggest ntune stability to moniter temp and power! Good Luck! :)
  2. ^that. If it doesn't downclock it'll use more power and stay hotter. 2D (ie: Windows) doesn't need much GPU power at all so they power down until needed.
  3. The CPU-Z screenshot is showing your video card in a mid-level power saving mode. When your PC is at idle or just doing basic web surfing, your video card should down clock to about 50 mhz on the core. It will only push 725 mhz when gaming or doing anything graphically intensive.
  4. Download OCCT and run the GPU test, see what it says then.
  5. JackNaylorPE said:
    Download OCCT and run the GPU test, see what it says then.

    That would be a great suggestion if something was wrong, but so far it looks like everything is functioning normally. What I would suggest is just checking the speed while gaming. You can install Afterburner to see how the core speed increases and decreases with GPU load.
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