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I'm using the g33/g31 intel(r) express chipset family and i would like to buy a video card so that i can play most of the games,i was wondering if u can help me?Not too expensive though
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  1. Need more info. Need motherboard mfg, if you have PCIe slot, and what you cpu is as well as what your Power Supply is, how many watts, mfg etc.
  2. sry what is mfg? :/ I've entered cpu-z,what do you need exactly?
  3. Also what games you want to play, what settings, what monitor resolution, what budget.

    To get started, you might want to take a look at In addition to a lot of information about video cards, they have a page about defining what you want and need in a system - your special features and system requirements.

    You might also start by looking at the THG review of best cards for different budget levels:,2834.html

    Once you have a better idea, people here can help you narrow it down further, make sure it works with your system, and maybe even recommend some good deals.
  4. NisDe said:
    sry what is mfg? :/ I've entered cpu-z,what do you need exactly?

    "mfg" is manufacturer. Provide make and model numbers where you can.
  5. Manufacturer : ECS
    Processor: Intel Pentium E5200
    yes I have PCI slot
  6. we need more info than that mate, games don't solemnly run based on your graphic card.
    CPU speed ? - and how many cores
    RAM ? how much, and what frequency?
    Hard drives (with focus on the RPM)
    and like Rockyjohn said, what games, is it pacman or crysis 2?
    what budget do you have? 10$ 500$ ? "not too expensive" is based on where you're from
    also, most graphic cards nowadays (the good ones) needs 6pin-8pin power plugins (or mine that need 2x6pins each), so you might want to check if your power supply has that as well.
  7. CPU speed 2.5 GHz,Cores:2
    RAM:4 gb ddr2
    DRAM frequency: 399 MHz
    HDD: 80gb
    well games like cs to have fps 100,idk which because i didnt have the chance to play more games...
    about 100$ i will change my power supply,thats not a big problem
  8. ASUS ENGTS450 DIRECTCU/DI/1GD5 GeForce GTS 450 (Fermi) 1GB 128-bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 - $99.99 after rebate

    And a review (note that this is for the "Top" version which has a little higher clocks than the one linked at newegg):,2762-2.html
  9. in my country that one costs more than 200$ ! :O
  10. If you need a card that costs half of what the GS 450 costs, you are essentially talking about non-gaming video cards. I suggest you look at the on the page for non-gaming video cards at the site I linked above. It has makes and models at different price levels.
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