P9x79 pro boot error blue screen

I installed the ASUS P9x79 PRO with the i73930K and 6 Gb ram and the ASUS TX580Ti card.
HDD has got Win 7 home premium on it and runs on 64 Bit.

All seems to be installed and plugged in fine but the pc won't boot.
My HDD is plugged into the SATA port.
When I start up the PC it keeps going around in circles. The windows logo appears and all looks like normal but when the Windows logo appears and the little balls of the logo assemble I get a BLUE SCREEN with an error. I can NOT READ this error as it appears and disappears withing half a second.

PC reboots and same stuff happens again. It shows a choice of system restore or boot windows normally.
I have tied system restore but even this won't do anything, message can not restore.

MY HDD works fine when try on other pc.

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Try to boot off the Windows 7 DVD using F8 then select Startup Repair - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/What-are-the-system-recovery-options-in-Windows-7

    Make certain that the RAM is indeed installed correctly in the proper DIMM slots!!!
  2. Is this with a clean install of Windows, or a previous installation with a different motherboard & CPU?
  3. ASUS doesn't recommend Tri Channel, here's the Quad DIMM slots to be used:

    Gigabyte does illustrate a Tri Channel arrangement, but there's no guarantees; see -> http://i1013.photobucket.com/albums/af254/Jaquith/Gigabyte_Quad_Channel.gif

    IMO it's time for a new Quad Channel kit - RAM is cheap.
  4. im with clarkjd. it sounds as if you reused your hard drive from another build, or swapped out motherboard. chances are you are most likely going to have to reinstall windows again if this is the case. Windows is trying to load drivers for your previous hardware and is not able to communicate with your new parts properly.
  5. I had the same issue and it was agonizing to figure out. It is the bios. It needs an update. If you have the bios flashback option, download the update on a usb and do the bios instructions. It is easy to find online (both instructions and updates) and it now works like a dream. Good luck!
  6. PC_Chick333 said:

    MY HDD works fine when try on other pc.


    When the HDD is on the other PC install the Intel Chipset drivers for the P9X79 PRO before moving it back to the P9X79 PRO.

    Another question is your SATA mode on the other PC set to IDE or AHCI mode? If it's set to IDE mode you will have to perform a Windows 7 registry hack to change it to support AHCI mode before moving the HDD over to the P9X79 PRO.

    What do you have the SATA mode on the P9X79 PRO set to? I know the default setting is [AHCI Mode].
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