Asus p6x58d premium - memok light blinks, tried everything hizzelp

my specs:
-asus p6x58d premium motherboard
-intel core i7
-nvidia geforce gtx 460
-(6)corsair xms3 4x2gb
-ocz vertex 2 - sata 2 2.5" solid state drive
-corsair tx750w power supply

I noticed my comp shutting off randomly. I was always out of the room so I never knew why. It always started right back up. It started shutting down more and more often and finally wouldn't turn back on.

when I would unplug the power supply and then plug it back in i could get it to try and post, but the mem ok light would come on and it would shut down again. i tried troubleshooting the memok light with different procedures asus reccommends. still nothing. I checked all the connections, tried isolating different hardware, removing all but one stick of ram, rotating the ram to diff slots, paper clip tested the powersupply. I also pulled the board out and tried getting it to post on cardboard.

finally i took EVERYTHING apart, down to the heat sync and pulling the chip out. after this it started up fine and worked well for a little while. then random shutdown. same problem.

I have two friends using the same mobo and same ram so even though it's not on the asus qualified vendors list I really don't think that is the problem.

my buddy thinks it could possibly be the firmware on the solid state drive i am using. when I take the ssd out the board acts as described in paragraph below. with the ssd in it wont even attempt to post. I hit the power button and nothing happens. problem is I can't get my computer on to do anything about it.

I moved to a new place and reattacking this problem after giving up premove. as of now if I shut off psu and turn it back on the board tries to post. memok light blinks. board shuts off and restarts. memok blinks and it shuts off for good.

what could this be?

I have been trying to fix this for weeks, its driving me nuts.

thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    If it was working before and not now then based upon what you've stated lets assume a 'bad stick' of RAM.

    First, create a bootable CD/DVD of Memtest86+ using the ISO/zip file; download - Next, remove all but (1) stick, leave the (1) stick in the 2nd DIMM slot closest to the CPU. Boot to the Memtest and test for 20~30 minutes then repeat the process three more times for the remaining sticks.

    Normally, it's best to use matching Tri-Channel kits instead of (2) two Dual Channel kits.

    If you post a link to the exact set(s) of RAM then I'll post manual BIOS settings just in case their set wrong. I have seen ASUS misread 'SPD' info on sticks especially if you only set the DRAM Frequency and nothing else in the BIOS.

    Proper DIMM slots:
  2. I made the cd, but I can't even get the board to post let alone boot from cd or hd. also the mobo manual says to use slots a1, b1, c1 with three sticks.
  3. From above, e.g. DIMM_A1 corresponds to DDR3_1 and the configurations of X58 Tri Channel are pretty universal with 6xDIMM.

    If you cannot boot with only (1) one stick in DIMM_A1 slot then swap sticks with another but only in DIMM_A1. Failure then try Clear CMOS (Jumper or if equipped Clr CMOS button); to do it right see ->

    XMS3 aren't my favorites and I see issues with them. CMX8GX3M4A1600C9 4x2GB DDR3-1600 9-9-9-24-2N @ 1.65V. Once working they need to be installed in one of the two 'Four Module' configurations, the first (4) four slots closet to the CPU is often best.

    First things first, you need to be able to boot and then boot into Memtest.
  4. did as you asked.

    still can't boot.

    memok light blinks red, then shuts down and keeps trying automatically with same result.

    I do notice as the light is blinking the powesupply is behaving like a engine revving up.

    not sure if thats a psu issue or if it is a result of the mobo trying to post.
  5. Sure a faulty PSU can cause this but so can shorting and grounding. So far what I'm suggesting is 'free' and basic troubleshooting. Next, I would recommend breadboarding, or sure you can try a new PSU; chances are your PSU is under warranty. However, most DRAM led errors I've found to be either bad stick(s) or shorting/grounding problems.

    You can try Lazyman's Breadboard -
    * Disconnect ALL Front Panel & USB Headers ; keep only the PWR & Ground <best> short w/wire.
    * Disconnect ALL peripherals including the Keyboard/Mouse
    * (1) Stick of RAM in the second DIMM slot from CPU
    * Unscrew both the MOBO and PCIe screws
    * Stock HSF

    Pull the MOBO away from anything conductive and supported by a towel ; short PWR & Ground to start.

    My feeling its one of the following: Shorting/Grounding, MOBO or PSU.
  6. I breadboarded with the same results.
  7. Alright, when it comes down to it -- the simplest is to use another PSU from another PC or you can go to the local shop selling PSU's and try to find an open box or one with a good return policy. Typically with Corsair PSU's it's an all or none work/fail (1 rail).

    Post Failure:
    I'm a little confused, you went from random shutdowns to post failure? If you not posting at all then as a last resort unplug everything HDD, SSD, again only the stock HSF, no USB, no Headers, etc. Make 100% certain your GPU is 'good' and test again.

    Next is the 'Guessing Game', once the PSU is rulled-out then 80% MOBO and 20% CPU.
  8. I had the same issue this week. I switched out the motherboards for 2x different types of "gigabyte" boards. Same problem. Bought another solid state, same problem. exchanged processors, same problem. What solved this for me was getting rid of the gigabyte boards and going with asus. Now the Gigabyte boards worked fine, but it was the post error codes from the asus that helped me fix it. The post error codes stated that my corsair tx750W was outputting too much power and the PC was shutting down as a protective measure. I've got an RMA in with corsair to replace the PSU. Hope this helps.
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