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Mobo usb header question

First off sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section; I was not sure if I should post it here or in components.

I have a Pegatron mobo M2n7B-LA that has 2 "normal" usb headers (i.e. what I am used to seeing) 10 pin block minus 1 pin. The fun part that I have been trying to figure out is on the other side of the board there is what is labeled as f_usb 3,4,5,6 but has a connection that I cannot find online anywhere nor can I find any info.

Need to figure out what type of usb header these are and where to get the header cables to use them!

Thanks everyone for your time and patience!

Here are links to the mobo layout/specs

The first pic is of the mobo itself, scroll all the way down to the bottom for the labeled layout diagram.

Thanks again! :D
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  1. Sorry forgot to mention where they are. In the picture they are 4 in a line on the bottom right corner of the mobo
  2. Anyone seen a header like these?
  3. that is not a normal pin out. that much is certain. As this is on an HP web site, I'm assuming it's from an HP PC. does the case it came in have front USB headers to match? just a thought
  4. It does not, It had a multi-card reader and 2 front usb ports but those all ran into the 2 "normal" 9 pin usb headers. Guess this may just be my reason to ditch it entirely and get a new mobo :)
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    IMHO they actually look more like the audio plug that you would plug into the cabl form the CD/DVD drive, but as it has four of them I know that can't be right either. the only other option I can think of is to call/e-mail HP and pray someone in tech support can help you. good luck
  6. Thanks, gonna be emailing them today.
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