Sapphire hd 4890 overheating

Hi, well, I have a 4890 thats its running really hot, about 75-80 ºC idle, and under load got to110, fan seems to be working fine, no OC, was playing before I noticed it and my pc shut down, still working, cant play games ofc, maybe I should change the heatsink/fan?? thanks
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  1. Have you changed anything recently inside the case? Also, when was the last time you cleaned out the dust bunnies and hairballs that hide in nearly all systems? Last, what make/model PSU are you using and how old is it?
  2. no, i havent change anything, last change was the hd 4890 about a year ago, and after the first shut down i cleaned everything, took the heatsink off and put some new paste (artic silver 5), the card didnt have much dust, and the PSU is an ultra xpro 600w and its about 6 months older than the graphic card
  3. Do you have access to another PSU (that meets the 4890's requirements) that you could swap for troubleshooting? Poor PSU performance can affect GPUs in rather odd ways, like overheating. I am sure your PSU is running hot as well. The 4890 is known as a bit of a power hog itself.
  4. PSU is pretty cool, not hot at all , but i could get another PSU from a new computer just to check
  5. Worth checking out. You can also swap the 4890 into another system to see what it does there as well. Which ever is easier for you. Essentially, trying to isolate where the problem might be (PSU or GPU).
  6. tried both ways, used my hd4890 in another pc and the same problem, also took the PSU and used it in my pc, so I guess its the GPU, is it worth it trying a new heatsink??, it seems like its a problem with the card itself
  7. If the GPU is still under warranty, try an RMA first. If not, you can try an aftermarket cooler, but that won't fix a defective card. You could have a defective heat/temp sensor and a new a GPU HSF won't resolve that.

    Your other option is a new GPU. I would suggest a HD58XX or HD68XX or higher to replace the HD4890. These will perform better and run cooler.

    Good luck!
  8. Ok when you took off the heat sink did you make sure its sitting evenly on your card. I have water blocks on mine and when 1 wasn't sitting completely on top of the gpu i would see temps like that. That is the first thing that i would check on that card because thats what its kind of sounding like.
  9. well, i was planning on buying 2 hd 6850 so i guess ill take this chance to do it, and yes im sure the HS is sitting evenly on my card, but thanks for the help
  10. Gurak said:
    well, i was planning on buying 2 hd 6850 so i guess ill take this chance to do it, and yes im sure the HS is sitting evenly on my card, but thanks for the help

    No problem. Wanted to give some help with what i've experienced.
  11. well... i found a good way to solve the prob while I wait for the cars, just underclocked the card and now my max temp is 80ºC... now i have another question.... default voltage is 1.053, im using ATI tray tools, and since I'm underclocking I was wondering if it's safe to use 0,923 voltage instead
  12. Sure, give it a try. I can't think of a negative effect.
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