140mm case fans, go with 120mm instead?

Hey all,

I have recently completed a new build i7-950 asus rampage iii extreme in a Lian-Li pcx-2000f.

I had a Lian-Li pc-70 duel xeon for the longest time built in 2003 and the pcx-2000f finally replaced it a few months ago. The stock Lian-Li fans in the pcx-2000f are 25dba, 38cfm. Those are 3 front 140mm fans and 2 rear 140mm fans.

I overclocked a bit and saw temps were not quite where I want to be, of course due to these fans. My cpu cooler is coolermaster hyper 212+ with push/pull. I know other things I need to look over still with my overclock and, thermal paste application all this matters with temps but these case fans have got to get replaced.

I have been away from the pc building scene for quite awhile considering the one I built in 2003 I just upgraded on over the past years and didnt have the money to get a new build until recently.

My main question is for fans. If anyone could please help cause I am a bit confused on which route I should take.

Should all the factory lian li 140mm fans be replaced with:

**Thermalright X-Silent 140mm x 25mm Stealth Silent Fan - 900RPM

**Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentPro PK-2 140mm x 25mm Ultra Quiet Fan - 1200 RPM - 20 dBA

**Thermalright TR TY-140 140mm x 160mm PWM Fan - 900R~1300PM (Standard 120mm Fan Mount) (((NEEDS 140 to 120mm adapter)))

I really wish there was more of a variety on the 140mm fans. The thermalrights look real good but so does the NB PK2.

I have selected these fans due to low noise. The 2003 build was a dual xeon which over time I had to replace the fans on of course and clean out every so often. But to be honest the thing was pretty loud. I wanna kind of keep this build quiet.

I am going to be replacing the coolermaster hyper 212+ with a corsair H70 with 120mm push/pull gentle typhoon ap-14's.

So the case would be 1 rear 140mm, underneath that a push pull h70 rad with ap-14's. The front would be 3 140mm's.

Now here is the crazy question:

Instead of choosing a 140mm fan

**Thermalright X-Silent 140mm x 25mm Stealth Silent Fan - 900RPM

**Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentPro PK-2 140mm x 25mm Ultra Quiet Fan - 1200 RPM - 20 dBA

**Thermalright TR TY-140 140mm x 160mm PWM Fan - 900R~1300PM (Standard 120mm Fan Mount) (((NEEDS 140 to 120mm adapter)))

do you think it would be a good idea to use 140mm to 120mm adapters on all the 140mm fans and just use all gentle typhoon ap-14's? Or even better ap-15's in the front , ap-14's in the back for true positive airflow?

I am looking for most viable air cooling and durable quality fan purchase. Any input any of your guys wish to share would be appreciated as I don't know if using adapters on all my fan mounts would pose a issue and its been a few days of internet reading like 6 days and I cannot decide.

Thank you for your time, sorry for typing so much I know these fan questions have been asked alot and I tried to search out my answer for a long time
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  1. New case fans won't solve your cpu temp problem, just add more noise. Those i7 cpus run warm; average temp is around 50-55c with a good heatsink. These temps are acceptable if you don't want to go with a water cooled setup.
  2. 140MM's are usually better for case fans when you have the chance to use them. They move more air at a lower noise. Any of the 140s you picked would be good, although Im sure the Lian Li ones are pretty decent themselves. Your not going to notice a massive difference just swapping them our for other ones.

    You'll definitely want the AP-14/15s for your H70, although you may want to wait and see what the prices are on the new H80s coming out.
  3. ok thanks alot for the answers guys.

    I will def get the 2 ap14's for the h80 - thanks Petey did not even know a h80 was here already.

    That leaves me with only 4 140mm to get.

    Would using 140mm to 120mm adapters be stupid for the 3 intake 140mm and 1 rear 140mm fans?

    I see the thermalright x-silent showing 60cfm but that probably isnt really true

    Then a Noiseblocker pk2 showing 54cfm with much more rpm then the thermalright.

    The best 140mm silent fan looks to be the thermalright ty-140 (73cfm) which has a 120 mount. Could I get away with doing 140mm to 120mm adapters to beable to put 4 ty-140 in my case?
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