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Mac gaming is better or worse?

I use Mac for everyday life stuff, and Windows exclusevely for gaming.

At the time of XP, I did gaming on it cause of EAX. I also game on vista becaseu of alchemy. However, now I, need to get windows 7 to play the latest games and update the hardware. Um not sure if its worth the money as I currently own a nice Mac.

How does Eax works with windows 7? Does it make any diference in Sound quality playing the same game on a MAC? I use 2.1 speakrs, I dont need 3D sound, but I like those "in a cave" effect. Will I get those on MAC? where I can find frame rates benchmarks as well?
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  1. Windows based computer will always be better to game on.
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    Windows will game a bit better because more games are made for it. However I don't think there is an OS factor when it comes to the same game, rather the hardware the PC/Mac uses. I'm sure both comps had a 5870 and an i7 950, same ram, same etc. It'd game practically the same.
  3. Windows will always support 99% more games than the MAC OS does and the hardware is roughly 150% cheaper.. you can decide...
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