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Hello Everyone,

I know this thread has been opened a few times and I have read all of them, however they are not very consistent. I want to upgrade my dell studio 540 from a 9500 gt to a Nvidia Geforce GTX 275. Does anyone know for a fact that it will work. I currently have the standard 350w power supply that came with the system.

1. Does anyone know any really good cards without upgrading my power supply

2. If i would upgrade my power supply, which would be ideal

3. Is this dell even worth the effort? i mean it works fine. it has 8GB of RAM 2.67 GB quad core. im running my computer off of a 22 inch vizio television and think it may be slowing my computer

4. Im currently stuck at a refresh rate of 60, but i keep reading over 70 is ideal for gamers. can this only be fixed with a new PSU and graphics card. trust me, ive done everything else, software wise

thanx in advance
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  1. well i did some more research and that wont work at all. how about a 9800 GT
  2. 60 fps is fine, your TV won't go over that anyway. The 9500 is crappy for games though, you can get better results with the 9800GT, that needs just one power connection, it's what I'm running in my system.
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