Any potential bottlekneck?

Hi, I was just wondering if my system had any inherent bottlenecks. I built it about a year to two ago, and it seems to like to slow down on certain modern games and lag on even older ones. I'm unsure if this is just a software problem (virus, spyware, general software trash etc.) or a network problem (esp. when I lag in games and online) or if it's just a hardware bottleneck issues. Thanks for the help!

System Information:

Windows 7 64 Bit
Motherboard Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
ATI HD Radeon 5770
Intel E7400 2.8 Ghz Duo Core
4GB (2GB x2) DDR2 400Mhz
(CPU-Z says DRAM Frequency is 400 Mhz, something to do with ratios that I didn't understand back a while ago, could this be the problem?)
Sigma 585 W Power Supply

Games that have lag (on lowest settings):

Bad Company 2 (Extremely bad too)
Crysis 2 (Demo)
Modern Warfare: Black Ops

General Weirdness:

I would think that my computer is good enough to stream things (basic streaming at very low quality), but strangely enough frame rate drops a lot when I do. Comcast is my provider, so I don't believe it's a network issue.

Overall, I just want to know if I should expect my computer to be able to handle the above without issue, or if there is really a hardware bottleneck that I can fix. If it sounds fine, I guess I'll try to find if it's just a simply software or network problem.

Thanks again!
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  1. Hello ImpGuard;

    What screen resolution are you gaming on?
  2. Your RAM is almost certainly DDR2 800. That would show up in CPU-z as Dram Frequency 400Mhz.

    Do a good Anti-virus/Malware sweep. AVG Rescue CD. Lets you create a bootable CD and you run an AV scan without Windows running.
    And it's handy to have a good Rescue CD around anyway.
  3. Id run a speed/ping test too, see if your Internet is as fast as it says its supposed to be. Maybe check your video card drivers, make sure they are the latest. And I can personally attest to bad experience with a 5770 not playing games as well as it should. Doubt its a RAM issue though.
  4. I run at 1280 x 1024.

    I did with Comodo Internet Security and it was clean. Internet speed tests give me positive results too, and I do have the latest video drivers. However, your experience with the 5770 is interesting, because that's somewhat how I'm feeling.

    However, I will provide an update. I attempted to overclock my computer by lowering the multiplier and raising the front side bus (315 x 9). This partly solved some of my issues (haven't tested it with everything) and CPU-Z now states that my memory frequency is at 472.9 mhz. I'm not really into overclocking, I just blindly followed simple rules my friend gave me about safe overclocking. Therefore, I'm unsure as to why my memory frequency changed. All I know is that my CPU FSB is faster, which is always good, and the multiplier lowered gives me the same Core Speed overall.

    I don't know what this truly means bottleneck-wise, though.
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