Starnge noise from cpu

hi guys,
i am facing this strange problem from last few days.
a strange noise coming from my cpu & when that noise increases my pc just turns off like power cut off.
first i thought it was my 2 hdd, i removed them still same noise, i disconnected all fans & even processor fan, still same.

what could be it then???

i removed all fans, hdd's, cd/dvd drives, even processor 4 pin power supply, STILL SAME BUZZING NOISE.
noise is like if u scratch a screw on metal or something like that. i also checked my processors tem, those r normal in range of 36 degree to 43 degree's.

my conf is as follow.

intel Q8300
asus p5kplam/ps mobo.
4 gb ram
palit 9400 gt 1gb gpu
2 sata-2 WD 320 hdd.
a VIP 400w psu(i suspect this is the component making noise, because pc just shut's off after that noise increased!!!)

plz guys help me,

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  1. Hi rohn_avni!
    It most likely is a fan inside your psu.

    You could try to use the paperclip test to check it out yourself.
  2. But if fan is making noise then why pc shuts off like somebody turn the switch off from the wall.......!!!!!!!!
  3. Your PSU might be overheating. Try have it clean from dust
  4. i already done cleaning with vaccume cleaner in reverse function.
    it's clean.........
  5. Best answer
    The high pitched noise you may hear from a processor is so unlikely to actually be audible by humans that I am inclined to agree with Ghnader and Venj,

    Remove the psu from the pc, plug it into the wall by itself, then short the green pin on the 20+4 connector with any of the black pins, the psu should start up,
    do you hear the noise still?
    post back your findings please to confirm/ eliminate this from the list
    ps, you may have caused some damage to the processor when you unplugged the fan on the heatsink, you should never run a processor without its heatsink/fan.
  6. i never unplugged any fan, i just run processor removing cpu fan power supply hardly for 10 to 20 seconds........
    also i will inform u about the paper pin test.
    thanks for replying.
  7. CPUs have no moving parts, and no noise while running.

    The noise like a high pitch humming is probably coming from the transformer inside the PSU. This transformer has 0.5mm thick laminations compacted together either by rivets or by a weld bead. When this gets 'loose' the minute air gap between the lams will cause the lams to vibrate and hum. This humming may be transferred to other parts in the computer.

    Replace the PSU.
  8. aaahhh life is so strange
    i discovered one new thing, climax in the story guys!!!!!!!!!

    we have inverter in our house because of load-shading prob(power cut off in 1 or 2 times in a day)
    i noticed one thing that when ever main electricity is not there & all house running on my inverter the "strange noise" prob vanished at that time & my pc works as perfect as new one.

    so should i assume that my psu is still OK????
  9. Check when the powers on, is it the ups/inverter thats making the humming? I wonder if its supplying the correct voltage when the powers on 'normally'
  10. i changed psu, problem resolved.
    thanks for ur help guys.......
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