Radeon HD 4670 1GB AGP/Sound and animation gets messed up

:hello: I have recently joined and normally read on a regular basis on forum posts.
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I have been having a performance issue with my graphic card which includes it doing strange things to videos or any animations making them extremely low frame rates (around 5/second). And also any audio playing will start making popping noises through my speakers and also making the audio speed quicken but at the normal pitch.

I tried changing resolutions on the screen, no effect. I tried making the card go in to Optimal Performance and still the issue persists. It not only occurs in any game that I play, but it also does it during YouTube videos that I play. I can play them in 240p and it will still occur, though it seems to only do that whenever each pixel is changing colors more rapidly such as if there is a moving background. It even occurs in the operating system (Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit) such as whenever I log in the sound that it plays during the fading of the screen into the desktop the sound gets garbled up and plays at a much faster speed than normal.

I first suspected that the HDMI sound output was conflicting with my Sound Blaster so I disabled it and found that nothing happened. So then I uninstalled it and still nothing. I updated drivers on both the graphic card and the sound card and both were the most updated. I tried the hotfix and still nothing. I tried replacing some .dlls to older versions that were known to cause issues with the sound but *sigh* nothing...

Heres my dxdiag http://www.4shared.com/document/VxW-TDBu/DxDiag.html
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  1. Let's do a little test, how about you remove the sound card and then try to run it again. Also are you saying that the sound comes out through the Radeon card instead of the Creative card? If so there probably would be conflicts since if you want sound coming from the Creative you must have the audio output there and the video output from the card. (if you are connecting to a TV through HDMI the sound processor would probably be the radeon and not the Creative, in that case I suggest a DVI-HDMI converter for the card and an audio cable to one of the HDMI ports on the TV as most TVs support having the HDMI-in audio come in in another input.
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