New Build all works but no display

fresh build no os drivers or anything yet.
MSI MS-7210 Intel 945G socket 775 mATX Motherboard w/Celeron

logisys CS-206BK 10-Bay ATX Mid Tower Computer Case w/480W

CenDyne 1GB DDR2 RAM PC2-6400 240-Pin DIMM<x4>only 1 installed atm.

Western Digital Caviar RE16 160GB SATA/150 7200RPM

NVIDIA GeForce 9500GS 512MB DDR2 PCI Express PCle DVI/VGA/Vi <not installed yet>

DVD write/cd lightscribe <uninstalled to troubleshoot>>

everything fires up fine but there is no display<using onboard, or installing nvidia card>

mobo is on risers not touching,no bent pins,my mobo has an 8 pin power for the processor but there is a plastic clip covering 4 of them and the power supply only has a square 4 pin clip,but i dont think that is the problem cos everything fires right up smooth.there is just no display.all 3 power clips are securly fastened to mobo.the power supply is set to 110.
this redo i did not attach the optional audio or usb's in case.

the case provides a 4 pin adapter for the power led light with only 2 wires that clips onto a standard 12v from power supply, although the mobo has a place for that with all the power switch and reset switch pins,leds.i dont think that would cause no display though?

so my question is how do i get the display to work so i can finish? i even reset the cmos by removing the battery like online sites suggested.

please help.i just got these peices brand new today from, but they were freakin closed when it no help there.
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  1. Follow this guide
    If everything is as it should, have the video card out and set BIOS to defaults if no display from integrated probably bad motherboard.
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