Upgraded my computer, but OS won't start

hey everyone. Today I upgraded my CPU + mobo.

I got these two:

it was my frist time upgrading computer other then video card. So it took a while to read and plug all those wires to the motherboard.

after I start for the first time I press 'delete' to go to BIOS and everything is working. I'm just reading through manual at this point and just to see if I need to change anything. most of them are already optimized or it's at auto so I leave them be. so I save & exit.

windows starts to load now. I see that 'windows is starting'(I have windows 7 64x) and I see those 4 balls or w/e making windows logo. then when it looks like it finished loading I see BSOD for like 1 second and it just restarts

I don't know what I did wrong. But since bios worked; didn't I set cables and etc right? the only thing I had to do little different was buy an "IDE to SATA" converter for my optical drive since it had IDE but this new motherboard didn't and had only 8 SATA ports*. I also used new SATA cord that came with the motherboard which said something about 6GB/S.(I used it for my harddrive sata cable)

I tried to find some solutions since it might be a frequent problem but no luck

any help or guidance would be greatful.

*This motherboard had 8 SATA ports;
-2 Marvell serial ATA 6.0 Gb/s connectors
-2 Intel P67 Serial ATA 6.0 Gb/s connectors
-4 Intel P67 Serial ATA 3.0 GB/s connectors.

I used 2 Intel 6.0 ones for both harddrive sata and optical drive sata. In the manusal it didn't exactly really told me where to plug sata cable for harddrive and optical drive so that's where I put it at. Did I do this correctly?
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  1. Did you reinstall Windows or just transplant the drive as-is?
  2. I guess drive as-is. I didn't do anything with Windows when I did this
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