Need help choosing budget case.

I am building a budget gaming rig and have narrowed it down to these five cases.
I can afford them all but I want to know which is the best bang for the buck.

Cooler Master Elite 310- $40

Cooler Master Elite 430- $36 after MIR

Thermaltake V3- $28 from local store after MIR

Rosewill Challenger- $50

Antec 300 Illusion- $55

I leaning towards the Thermaltake purely because of the price but are any of the others worth the extra money?

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  1. Hi t3chnique!
    i would consider the best to be the antec 300 aesthecally.So i would pick them out of the 5.
    Besides a pc is meant to last for 2 to 3 years.Getting an ugly case would make you feel its cheap.

    There shouldnt be any noticable differences apart from passive cooling that is most prominent in the antec illusion.
  2. I like the TT as well, dont like the looks of the rosie or the antec,
    but I see cases not as they are, instead its in terms of how they can be modded to what I want them to be :)
  3. I have built a PC with Elite 430 for my sis and it is quite a fun case to use and put in all the parts together was also easy. Provides decent cooling and looks good as well. So i would vote for it.
  4. I've always been happy with the build quality of Antec cases even in their budget segment.

    That Antec 300 gets my vote.
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    I am currently rocking the Elite 430 and absolutely love it. It has great air flow and tons of space. It even surprised me when it fit the 11"+ MSI HD Radeon 6950 in it!

    You won't be disappointed by the 430.
  6. ^^I agree. Its an awesome design for a cabbie so cheap!
  7. Thanks for all the replies everyone!

    I ended up getting a CM Elite 430 from the local Micro Center for $43.49 plus $10 MIR!! :D
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