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ASUS Rampage III Formula Memory issue

Hey guys and thanks to all that have helped me with this up and running build. I really do appriciate it but now i have come across a new issue and was woundering if anyone could help me? I have the 24gb of memory(Kingston Hyper X Blu DDR3 1600mhz 24GB(6X4GB)) that i have mentioned in the description of this build installed and it is reconized by Windows but only 16gb is only useable,i come to you guys for help yet again hoping to find that Superman or Batman to save my day. I have the memory at 1066mhz but they can go too 1600mhz. Someone please help.
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  1. first does your bios read all 24? if it does then your video card takes some of the ram i think its like 37.5% additional can change that by going pressing the window logo +r run msconfig ,go to the boot tab , advanced options and check the maximum memory box
  2. i did that and it still is reading 24Gb(16gb useable) in windows 7 home premium,but in bios it is reading all 24gb of ram,so it can not be hardware related too me. when i went back into msconfig as you instructed maximum memory is at 256 after restart.
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    OH , Windows 7 Home Premium has a memory limit of 16GB. You'll have to upgrade to Enterprise, Professional, or Ultimate to take advantage of the rest
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