Bulldozer or Sandy Bridge

Should i wait for the new bulldozer or go with core i5?
PS:Bulldozer will be available in my country in september or october
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  1. Hi brag288!
    With the current news and rumors the expected release is around September.
    Anyway i would still get a SB.They are still top notch cpus.
    Yes if the BD enters the market we would see the SB prices drop to some extent.
  2. Only thing would be to wait for the CPU's to release and the first reviews and benchmarks to trickle in. That is the only way to know if the wait was worth it.

    But then if you find that the chips are being out-performed by SB, then it really makes the waiting sound stupid doesn't it.

    Remember... the best time to buy anything is... NOW!
  3. i decided to go for a i5 2400...now i am looking for a motherboard and i don't want to spend to much on it.....and i don't OC ...so is it worth it to buy a motherboard with ram over 1333 mhz?
  4. The H67 boards are available for about $89....
  5. Most motherboards for any Sandy Bridge CPUs will support at least DDR3 1600. In honesty, the DMI 2.0 interface provides more than enough memory bandwidth for everyone on DDR3 1333.

    H67 is a good choice but you can't use Quick Sync if you get adiscrete GPU. For that you would want a Z68 chipset mobo but I have yet to see one that is under $100.
  6. mdd1963 said:
    The H67 boards are available for about $89....

    not in my country...a 1155 socket mobo is 100$ in stores...i managed to found this motherboard http://www.gigabyte.com.ro/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3705# sealed for 82 $ ...what do you think about it? :D
  7. Is your budget really that tight? I would strongly suggest just spending the extra $30-40 and getting the i5 2500k. This way you have one of the best CPU's on the market now, and in a few years when it gets outdated you can OC it with relative ease.

    I agree with the consensus though, the BD has already been delayed due to poor performance ratings. Even if you wait till it comes out it may drop the price on the SB slightly but depends how bad your current PC is and how bad you want a new one.
  8. at first i wanted to buy the 2500k...but i think i will buy first the ram and mobo...and then i will see what money i will have left..and probably if i have enough i will buy the 2500k
  9. Well before going about it that way, I seriously suggest setting a budget and then picking out all the components around that. Because then if you need the extra $20 for a CPU upgrade, you can make a small compromise in other areas. I don't usually suggest buying components one at a time and trying to put together PC that way.

    As well if your interested in the help, If you post your build and planned usage I'm sure you could get some great insight here. But if not, good luck!
  10. This is what i have now
    HIS HD 5770 1GB
    Athlon II x2 245 2.9 ghz
    AsRock k10n78
    2 gb ddr2 800 mhz..
    This is what i want
    Core i5 2500k 285$
    GA-H67M-D2 82 $
    2xDDR III 2GB 1333 MHz Elixir Original 22 $ each
    1TB Samsung Spinpoint F DT 71$
  11. No need for paying $20 extra for an overclockable processor ('k' series CPUs have unlocked multipliers), then putting it into a MB that does not support overlocking. If you wish to overclock your desired 2500K cpu, then get a P67 or Z68 mb; or, drop cpu selected down to an 15-2400 for $50 less....
  12. i don't OC so i think you're right...even if i will buy a p67 or z68 i won't overclock...so..it's not worth it
  13. Yep, dropping down to the i5-2500 or i5-2400 is the sensible choice.

    Plus, buy not overclocking you will save money from buying a 3rd party heatsink/fan for better cooling.
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