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RAM important...??????

I just want to know.. Is there to much different between 4G DDR 2 vs 4G DDR 3 in gaming performance....???????

I want some advice.. Did i need to change to 4G DDR 3 or just go on with 4G DDR 2...? by the my RAM are Single Channel.
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    There is not much difference. If you have 4GB DDR2, then it should be enough for gaming. There is no need to change, because if you do so, you'll have to get a new Motherboard and CPU as well.
  2. Ok.. So i can save my budget to buy new card. thank for the information Tamz cause i kind of confuse about it.. By the ways.. Are extreme n expensive Mobo can have a effect if want to play high game...?
  3. No, at most the difference will be 1-2 FPS.
  4. Ok... Thank a lot bro.. : ) Now i can chunk my budget again to get my dreaming card.. : )
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