A Graphics card to support triple-monitor?

I want to buy a new PC and i'm planning on connecting it to a dual-monitor (2x 1280x1024 17''s) and to an additional TV (1920×1080 32''). The tv will display a copy of whats on the dual-monitor.

So is there a single graphics card that can support that? if not, how can i make it work?

(btw, the card is meant for a new PC that ill mostly use for gaming [although the multi-monitor is not for gaming. ill be playing at one monitor only], so it have to be strong in that sense, and the price should be about 200-300$)
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  1. Radeon 6850 at the low end of your budget, 6950 at the high end. Any 5 or 6 series Radeon will work. Is a dual monitor 2 seperate screens on one stand or are they wired together with a single display input? Don't think you can clone what's on 2 displays onto a second single display, if that's what your talking about, but I'm not sure on that I don't own any eyefinity cards.
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