2x4GB RAM 1600 is enough for cpu i7 2600K overclocked 4.5GHz?

Hello everyone,
I just ask a question that is 2x4GB RAM 1600 is enough for CPU i7 2600K overclocked 4.5GHz with playing games?

Thks for your time.
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  1. Hi there,

    Even if u will get more RAM, the games will not benefit from it : )

    Overclocked or or not. 8GB is the sweet spot for the games!
  2. I think so but I haven't got much experiences.
    Thank you
  3. I usually recommend 16GB, because it is dirt cheap, and not many people don't do other things on their PC than gaming only.

    I have 2600K @ 4.5GHz and 16GB RAM.

    16GB cost about $45 more than 8GB.

    So it does not sound like a deal breaker to me.
  4. nikorr said:

    Acctually, I'll an i5 2500K with GTX 560Ti graphic card.
  5. Yep, gamer's do just that,

    because the games don't take the advantage of hyper threading.
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