Buying ATI Sapphire HD5850 1gb 256bit TOXIC

im really2 confused rite now

my current spec c2d 2.93ghz, ggbyte s2g31L mobo, hyperX 800mhz 4gb, Nvidia gts250 512mb 256bit, 18inch CRT......

recently, ive found a sapphire hd5850....toxic one. im confused, if i buy this gfx, does it enhance more of my gaming.. since using gts250 is good enuff. :D

how are you guys think off? should i buy it? with this system i can play CODBO flawless without lagg :D (after patch offcourse)
i just go with 20` lcd full hd?

btw im using Nvidia geforce 266.35....
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  1. HD 5850 will give you twice the performance of GTS 250 but definitely upgrade your monitor too.(For the card to show it's potential)
    About BO,well this game has optimization problems.I've seen lots of people experiencing low FPS/Graphic glitch with the game.Some CFG tweaks and new patches will make the game run smoother though.
  2. but still i can play all games without any most low fps...approximately about 30fps for all games...

    im kinda in the crisis haha...

    some says, it will be problems due to games that support physx....
    need to be clear man :D
  3. You can turn off PhysX,because first of all,not all games support it,second, it doesn't make a huge difference in graphics in most titles that support it.
    I guess currently you play at a resolution like 1680x1050 or lower,if so,then a GTS 250 can handle all games fine at this res.That's why I recommended getting a full HD monitor w/5850 because using a 5850 on low resolution is a waste IMO.It really shines at high resolutions like 1080p
  4. Thanks maziar!! will go with monitor! :D
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