Asus p5n-D with E6850 CPU- New cpu or keep old one??

Hey, so I go this p5n-d Asus motherboard and with the E6850 CPU.
I have a E7500 CPU also so Im not shure which one is best?
Iv seen some comparisons that the E6850 is faster on the specs but might be less overclockable, but that dosnt rly matter since I dont know annything about overcloking.

But my consern is that my cpu has been dmg or something and runs slower than it perhaps should be.
until I recently cleand my pc its been running with a temp of 80 *(c) and my fan went broke so it was like 100 Degrees C.
(sorry my temp terms are probably wrong xD, but it is celsious)

Anny way so what you think should I change? Do you think my cpu is slower after it was heated up so much.
Im now running with a Nforce 8800GT but buying a GTX 560 now so im gonna be using that.

And about clocking I read that the CPU can be clocked on the 6850 from like 3 ghz to 3,6 and the E7500 3ghz to 3,8 or something that its better to clock, but agian I dont know much about it.

In anny cases would it be posssible to follow a guide or something to overclock?
Hope you can help me :))
Thx for all replays!
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  1. Running the chip that hot for a little while isn't going to hurt the chip. they have fail safes built in to help prevent damage do to heat. The 6850 is faster at stock and should overclock to 3.6 pretty easily with decent cooling.

    There are guides in the overclocking section on Core 2's so give that a look.
  2. okey I will do that :P thx
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