XFX GTS 250 Bios updating

GUYZ ....i ve bought XFX GTS 250 CORE Edition 1gb with following configuration :680/100/1632
on searching something other i found the bios of xfx core edition gts 250 1gb with following specs 736/1100/1836
i m thinking to update bios for better performance....needed ur suggestion abt this....is it good? my gpu idle temp is 35c and load is 65c..
my PC Specs:
pentium dual-core e6300,Dg41RQ, 2gb kingston 800mhz ram (single),500gb seagate 7200rpm,dvdrw, 500w cooler master extreme PSU
default bios
want to update

help really appreciated
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  1. Just use something like Afterburner to overclock the card. It is easy and you should be able to get speeds much higher than the new BIOS.
    At the very least you would want to OC first to make absolutely sure the card can handle the speeds you are talking about in the BIOS anyway.
  2. whts this
  3. MSI Afterburner. Google it, download it, install it. You can set up overclocking profiles that activate on boot and fan speed profiles as well. Pretty much any overclocker will swear by it, including myself. BIOS Mods like that can potentially destroy your card and there is no real need.
  4. I wouldn't set an overclock to be applied at boot personally. It is a waste of power. Just find a decent OC and make a profile for it. Then before you start a game turn it on. When you are done turn it off.
  5. true not good to set it at boot, but he was going to do a BIOS mod, so i was suggesting a safer alternative with the same outcome. I personally have mine set so my card is underclocked at boot to save a bit of power and set my overclock profile when gaming.
  6. thanx guyz....for help....i ve overclocked my gpu,working fine,,,
  7. hmmm can u suggest how mch i can overclock?
  8. Every card will be different. You can use Kombuster or Furmark to test the stability of your overclocks.
  9. best to search on google for gts250 overclocking to see what others are getting, but every card is different as jyjjy said. Try little steps at a time and use furmark to test temps and stability. Do some research (google) about overclocking, that will help you too
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