Problems still there in my geforce 210

i have newest software update for 200 geforce series which i have geforce 210, i have disturbing problems that come after i updated the nvidia software from nvidia itself, during now i have updated the second newest beta updated.....i wonder IF :pfff: my geforce 210 cannot stand the newest software update with my cpu configuration? this is my cpu config :
windows 7 32bit
mobo msi 740GM-p25
2GB ram
athlon 2 x2 250
geforce 210 1Gb

and lots of apps:
overclocking center from MSI
fusion from AMD
nvidia Nvidia System Monitor

i know i have cheapest CPU that money can buy! but still.....can anybody help me?? think like this....what if the newest software was already enchance my graphic to full that i don't need to setting anymore the game graphics that i play! (all my game graphic are set to highest graphic-because when i play before the updated software i really fell fine though)

OR what IF the problem from my RAM??? is it to little 2GB for newest software from Nvidia maybe this newest software want minimal 4GB to smooth operation...who knows??!!

anyway, i really need some answer rather that stupid answer like...."you shoul change your VGA card like mine!! i have expensive VGA card and that..bla...bla..bla" i need some real answer!! please respond and in back i will infos all that you need...thanks before :hello: :D
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  1. If you did not have any problems before the Beta update roll back your drivers to the previous version. I personally never use beta versions. A 32 bit OS is fine with 2Gb of ram so that should not be the issue.
  2. you think so rolli?? can you explained to me how to do that?? because when i see the updated has already in my cpu system? can i roll back the vga driver without harm any software or something? because this is still guarenteed! i'm afraid if i do something cuckoo, the store where i buy it may see the problems is from me O_O !

    what do i have to do? if i want to roll back, some said that i should uninstal the newest software and put the original CD and put back the default driver! what best for me to do!?
  3. You uninstall all the nvidia drivers and software, you can either load what came on the CD or pick the drivers from here
  4. i'll try then! but tomorrow.....i will inform you again what happen! hope i not break anything
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