Corsair tx850 with 6970 crossfire

Just wondering what people think about that psu, will it be enough grunt for crossfire 6970's? I'm running one 6970 at the moment but was planning to pick up another one in a couple weeks and I'm wondering if my psu will be enough for it.

The complete system will be
corsair tx850
gigabyte z68x-ud7-b3
g skill 8gb(2x4gb) 2133mhz
radeon 6970 crossfire
2tb seagate hdd (might add a ssd down the track to but for now just running with a mechanical drive)
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    Your Corsair TX 850 will be enough for two 6970's even considering a heavily overclocked 2600k. Nothing to worry about.
  2. If you have not bought it, then think about some of the newer models. TX series is quite an old design. Not that it matters in terms of performance though. The old TX series are a quality line up and still work today. Its just that if you are getting one new then get the XFX one or Seasonic one.
  3. Ok cool thanks
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