GTS 450 problems

I have this computer:

Yesterday I upgraded the power supply to this:

and I upgraded to this card:

So everythings the same except the power supply and graphics card. I installed those 2 and updated the drivers yet every game I run I get 10-15 FPS. This includes counter-strike source on lowest settings which I think any card could run. I'm lost as to what could be the problem.
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  1. Odd, not to sure. But I have the GTS 450, by Palit and I have to say, no problems yet. Getting nice FPS from games like Black ops and Just cause 2. Full settings with Black ops, had to reduce settings for Just cause.. But that's because I have it all on the hard drive and my drive isn't a high speed model. It's a 1TB made for storage and not for fast read.

    ASUS P7H55/USB3 MoBo
    i7-870 Quad, 2.93GHz
    GTS 450 1GB GPU
    8GB RAM
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