Non-raid storage hdds fail with raid0 bios OS.

Have been read forums here and checking the reviews for year. TY all :bounce: :D
Have made a lot of my hardware decisions thanks to, yes, you tom :love:
Now i'm bring you my burdens. :o

That said,

:hello: :hello: :hello: :hello: :pt1cable: :hello: :pt1cable: :wahoo:

I've had numerous issues with several different HDD's.
Likewise i have numerous questions.
Ty VM for your time, and any help in advance and ahh sorry for typos/grammar.

Quick build: Asrock z68 extreme 4, i5 2390t, 16gig ram, 2x 560ti, 850w supply.
7 drives- 2x SSD intel 120g, 2x 3tb wd cav. green, 3x 2tb WD cav black.
Os1 and os2- win7 64 ult

Three original drives-OS1
boot-1x 2tb wd cav. black
storage-2x 3tb wd cav. green

Recently installed os2 on'
boot-2x 120g intel SSD in raid0. (raid0-1)
storage-2x 2tb WD cav. black in a second raid0. (raid0-2)

Additional storage 1 usb connected eHDD 1tb seagate.

Pretty much every time i change something or switched anything around a storage HDD has failed.

So far in 6 weeks, have lost a 1tb external, both of the independent two 3tb greens, and the 4tb raid0 twice.

When i upgraded from OS1 to the new OS2 SSD raid0 all hell has virtually broken loose. I'm really stressing about all the time and date i've lossed and at the current point this is only getting worse.

Before installing the 4new drives with OS2 i disconnected the 3 original internal drives.

I noticed the 1tb external was still attached when setting up the two new raid0's but didn't think the install would could corrupt this drive. apparently i was wrong because after successful os2/drives install, this exteranl 1tb was unrecoginizable. Checked on another machine, contents were competely unrecognizable to recuva and rstudio. (1st hdd failure)

Chalked it up to my own noobness and didn't think much more about it initally.

Immidately shut down and disconnected raid0-2 inorder to use it's cables for the 3tb green drives. Transfered needed data from 3tb to raid-0-1 / OS2.

Then Shutdown/disconnected 3tb.

Reconnected raid0-2 but to my dismay the Raid bios screen showed the raid0-2 RED, though oddly, when i booted up windows recoginized the drive fully, i rebooted a couple times installing apps onto the os2/raid0-1. and checking for any irregualrties on the Raid0-2. In Asrock bios RAID screen under BooTABLE: it now read NO in red.
where before both the SSC and 4tb raid0-1&2 both read bootable: yes Also on this raid bios screen now one of the 2tb raid0-2 drives wasn't recoginzed.

Although the raid0-2 seemed fully functional i didn't want to risk data loss, so i promtly deleted raid0-2 and reformatted it successfully. Rebooted a few times to check it and installed a few more apps.

Dug out a few extra SATA cables and connected the 2x3tb drives along with raid0-1&2 but when i started the PC now only 1of2 3tb drives was recoginized... the other corrupted.

Ran Recuva and got a large chunk of the data back. Xfered it onto the 4tb raid0-2.

Disconnected the other 3tb green checked on another system and it's also corrupted!!!?!?

Now furthermore i was forced to clr CMOS and now the 4tb raid0-2 is again in the same state as previously mentioned with RED NO bootable and one drive recgonized and the other unrecoginzed. Although this time it will not open.

Why would the non-raid 3tb greens corrupt when cold booted with a raid0?

Is my raid0-2 4tb lost competely?

I've not reformatted it nor either of the 3tb greens.... is there a quick restore that will save the data and lol the file/folder formats?

Any fixes??
I assumed, but didnt' test, that there would be no issues with hot swapping individual 3tb greens into a raid0 64bit win7 ult OS. Right?

I thought the sata issues were fixed?

Why are these drives failing so frequently?

Are any of my issues known bugs?

Is there something i've done to directly cause this?

Everything is grounded properly. Sata cables are good. Have throurghly checked the system for virsus am sure it is, was and has always been clean.

One issue that is likely unrelated, only 2 ram stick are identical the other two are just random trash that i found and happily reused (: (One stick might even be an EGGO brand but my pc seems delightfully satisfied)

Just can't keep data secured ><

About 12TB corrupted in 6 weeks.

For any and all help TY VM!
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  1. Also the board seems good passes all tests with great speeds. Can boot to OS 1 or OS2 just by switching bios without unplugging... as it should.

    But why the storage issues? QQ
  2. One question, what exactly are you out to do ?

    From what I've read the only way you could have gotten a corrupted unreadable external after the install is if you inadvertently deleted its partition during the install process.

    Depending on how the fakeraid controller on that motherboard handles raids you may be causing problems by swapping drives around on ports that were previously populated by a configured raid device.

    Can you explain exactly what it was you were trying to accomplish, if you just wanted to multiboot you dont have to swap the ports and devices around which is probably what has caused the problems. Install OS1 on your primary raid, Install OS2 on your secondary raid and it should automatically configure your boot loader "if its one of the newer operating systems",with the other boot device and you should be good to go.

    Fill in some more of the information and we might know more, but if it wasn't user error this could be the first time I've ever heard of an external being corrupted over an operating system install on a completely separate device.
  3. What do you mean by fake raid controller?

    Well that Sir is a very board question.

    I was out to have fun and experiment with different setups. Learn as a go but i do not want to learn at the cost of my mistakes....

    My original intentions were and I suppose now that I should have asked this before...

    Would there be an issue with OS1 on a non-raid with non-raid storage and OS2 on a Raid0-#1 with RAID0-#2 Storage? Then would it be ok to swap in/out the OS1 non-raid storage into the OS2/raid0 system. I would assume, duh, yes....

    Also, Now that you mention it. Your questioning the fakeraid controller could be accurate, i think.

    I feel like this might be my issue could you please elaborate or give me a link?

    My IT'ish friend mentioned this, but we concluded on a new board surely this wouldn't be..
  4. I think it's the raid controller because when i first switched all the ports/drives it corrupted the storage 4tb #2raid0. As well as both the 3 TB green drives this way, which were both nonraid.
  5. Today was the latest episode.

    I was merely trying to tweek the OC and had to CMOS clr.

    Missed the UEFI and at the "missing operating system" screen hit Ctrl-Alt-Del.

    Switched UEFI back to the needed raid configuration and successfully booted off #1raid0to find a corrupted storage #2raid0.

    nothing was disconnected, nothing switched.
  6. So your overclocking, see that you didn't mention, and fyi fakeraid refers to a raid controller that doesn't actually handle any of the processing, it simply supplies the firmware code for the system to accomplish this in the background. A true raid controller processes all the raid tasks with an onboard processor, if your overclock is not stable it could cause problems with your raid controller in this way. I would tell you to leave the system at default settings and see if you can setup your system. If you are able to completely verify stability of your dual raid os and storage setup then try to overclock after and see if it goes haywire again.
  7. Yes this was yesterday. Splendid thanks. That would have been helpful before losing all this data.

    I"m still not satisfied that is the complete issue though.

    This doesn't answer why the 1tb would fail from usb connection while installing 4 new hd's and switching UEFI into RAID0.

    or, Unlike the 1tb, these were disconnected during said upgrade. two non-raid 3tb storage failed after being booted up after Stock install win7 ult64. One booted fine and i could access all the files but the second failed to recognized. Disconnected the one that didn't fail and test on another system that showed it failed.

    this board kills it.
  8. Shouldn't Win7 64ult handle the load?

    Sigh apparently no? arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh
  9. what a terrible board. just ****?

    8 sata no raid card

    3 gpu slots but only 1 runs 16x , 2 at 8 and 3 at 4.

    just wow
  10. making this tom's pick for 2011, brilliant!

    Ty tom.

    vegettonox, (: ty vm for for the suger coated info
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