Laptop overheating while gaming. need advice, URGENT!!

the problem often, no, always happens when im playing medieval total war 2.
the laptop is a presario CQ60
it has an intel pentium 2GHZ procesor,
2GB ram,
no sepreate GPU
running vista

. the laptop surpasses the level of hardware needed to play the game and it is compatible with vista. for a while when i first got the game it played perfectly albiet on low settings. but i noticed it made the laptop overheat, probably because of the computing power the laptop had to use. now everytime i play, the game stutters. is this because of the over heating? i once fried a gpu on an other laptop through constant gaming, should i stop using the laptop for gaming? or should i just over clock it so the mobo and processors run faster?

thanks for any help
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  1. If performance has changed, probably air inlet restricted by dust or dust on internal heat sinks.....
  2. I would recommend monitoring the heat using speedfan or some other tool before overclocking. I also have an HP laptop that played games well for a couple of months and then started freezing. cleaned it all out and it made no difference. It got to the point where I was turning everything down just to use it. Now it is dead!

    In any case, be careful. Heat is the enemy with those things!
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