Building gaming system

Approximate Purchase Date: (As soon as this is solved)

Budget Range: 600-800$ CDN

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming,High Dif movies and youtube ?

Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse, monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: the cheapest i can find for canada (open for suggestions)

Country of Origin: canada

Parts Preferences: AMD/ati

Overclocking: if gaming running slow

SLI or Crossfire: Yes

Monitor Resolution: 1280x1024 may upgrade to 1680x1200

Additional Comments: i would like an Amd (both CPU and Graphics card) if possible

also like to add if i should get an phenom or athlon quad, will over clock to about 4 ghz

for something ...
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  1. This isn't a build to price recommendation so much as a general guide.... you can find deals within these ranges to fit your budget.

    AMD PC:
    You need a quad core, a six core is a waste as nothing currently uses it, a dual or triple core is simply not adequet

    This motherboard for Nvidia, supports SLI in the future.....

    This motherboard for AMD, supports Crossfire in the future.....

    Operating system there's only one choice 64 bit version of Win7....

    GPU if you want to start & stick with one something like: 5870, 6850, 6870, GTX 560 Ti, or 570..
    If your planning to start with one but upgrade to two in near future you can go for 460's or 560's (hey, SLI just scales better than Crossfire...)

    Too many people under estimate the importance of a strong, quality power supply. Choose one from Corsair, Antec TP, or Seasonic... 650watts will work for any single GPU system. 850Watts will work for all but the highest end dual GPU systems.

    Case choice is a personal taste issue, but, if you look at the Cooler Master HAF series, Antec DF or LanBoy series, or Corsair you won't go wrong.

    When your ready to overclock your CPU this is a good place to start...

    RAM this is pretty much a commodity, I prefer Corsair, Crucial, or G. Skill. Get 4Gb, DDR3, 1600.

    Hard Disks commodities too, I prefer Western Digital. Many on this board like Samsung. Any size between 500Gb & 1Tb will work great.

    DVD / CDROM drives any will do I prefer Samsung
  2. This was my $600 CAD solution off
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