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I want to choose a graphics card....

I am very confused :o on the discussion on pci-e 1.0 and pci-e 2.0 slots, some articles conclude positively some quite negatively, so after reading so many articles and discussions on using pci-e 2.0 card on pci-e 1.0 slot, i am concluding that my motherboard(with pci-e 1.0 slot) is going to support all types of pci-e 2.0 cards,

My mother board is ZOTAC G31 Value i know it is of very low level but can any one suggest me that whether i can use any of the following graphics cards on my mobo -
nVidia GeForce GT 240,
nVidia GeForce GTX 460 1GB,
ATI HD 4670 1GB,
HD 4850, HD 4770,
HD 5670,
9600 GSO,
9600 GT,
Geforce 8800 GT,
9800 GT

I know it is a long list huh :pt1cable: , but i am confused among these cards and i know some of these are DX-11, so plz give me some sort of suggestion except changing my mobo lol.... :lol:
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  1. How many amps does your power supply unit (PSU) have on the 12V rail(s)? How many total watts does your PSU put out?
  2. If you look on, you can search for pcie 2.0 only cards. That should help you choose which one you want.
  3. All of those cards you selected should work for your mobo depending on your power supply.

    Just stay away from the 2.1 cards if you have a 1.0 mobo,their are some problems between 2.1 cards and 1.0 mobos.

    Is this card for gameing?if so what games are you going to play?
    What is the resoultion of your monitor?
    Plz list full system specs...PSU,CPU,RAM etc.
  4. Another consideration is to not exceed what your CPU can power. No point in getting the GTX460 superclocked XXX version if your CPU is the C2D 2180.
  5. purple stank
    Yes for gamming on 1024x786 resolution monitor :p
    CPU E5400 2.7GZ
    2GB RAM
    not sure about the PSU it may be of 400watts not sure....... :sarcastic:
  6. Well you could get a 5670 and max out everygame you can think of.And they are light on power.
    Are you thinking of ugprading your monitor anytime soon?
  7. :bounce: Oh thanx man for helping me, but are u sure my mobo is capable of handling ""HD 5670"" ?? its DX-11 and its a pci-e 2.1
    as per amd website -

    and i am not upgrading my monitor currently... :p
  8. DX11 doesn't depend on the motherbaord.
    Their are different versions 2.1 and 2.0 of the 5670
    Here's a nice one..

    Here's the full list of 5670's that are 2.0
  9. What types of games are you going to play?Anything very demanding?
    Lots of games rely on your CPU just as much as the GPU.If your CPU is slow than their will be a limit for how well a GPU can perform.
  10. not very demanding, i just want a better experience of gaming,
    and how about 9800gt for my cpu e5400 2.7GZ,
    it is also a good card isn't it ??
  11. They are mostly the same in performance.Here's a review on both the 5670 and 9800gt.

    I only suggested the 5670 because it uses very little power and we don't know what type of PSU you have and if it can handle bigger cards.If you wanted to go a little bigger you could get a 5770/4850 which are equal to eachother just the 5770 has DX11.Both are a little slower than the GTX460.
  12. Purple stank
    I got the info about the PSU wattage
    mine is 450 watts....
  13. What is the make/model of your psu?And how many Amps are on the 12/v rail(s)?
  14. :pfff:
    Its of frontech company (mod no. JIL - 2414G)
    under +12v rail its 19A
    under -12v rail its 0.8A :whistle:
  15. Best answer
    Do you see any other +12v rails?Like +12v1/+12v2?
    And is their a wattage right underneath the 12/v to say how much the 12/v rail can deliver?

    Well like i was saying you could get the 5670 or you would have to upgrade your PSU to get something more powerful.If you are not thinking of upgrading your monitor anytime soon then i think you should have no problems with the 5670 and therefor wouldn't have to upgrade to a new PSU yet.
  16. i am checking
  17. there is no other 12v rail but a +5v +3.3v rail underneath 240w is other rail like +12v1/+12v2 no wattage specified for 12v.....
  18. what about 5570 is it a good gaming card....?
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  20. 5570 is a good card too,i used to own one.But a 5670 is better and around the same power wise.

    That would make sense if the 12/v rail only delievers 240w.Thats about half of which it says it can delievr.You would defnitly need a new PSU if you wanted a card beyond the 5670...
  21. :D Thank you purple stank for your support, hope 5670 will give me what i want.. ;)

    I am requesting to you for your email address mine is
  22. 4745454b
    :hello: hey there thanx for your advise, but can you tell me that my cpu E5400 2.7GZ can match up with HD 5670??? :sarcastic:
  23. You can keep in touch with me through tomshardware(PM).

    Yah you shouldn't get any bottleneck with the 5670.I think if you went a card higher to the 5770/460 you might start bottlenecking.But really, the 5670 is more than enough to handle 1024x786 so you should be fine.

    If you can list any games you might play or do play i can give you an estimate for what type of experience you will get when using the 5670.
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