Can geforce 210 be overclocked?

can nvidia geforce 210 be overclocked? by this two stock software from MSI (dualcore center) and Nvidia system monitor (using Nvidia control panel) what benefits for me, Pros and Cons of overclocked GPU or VGA??? i have Geforce 210 1Gb (total value when i saw in dxdiag is 1754Mb in directx11) i'm using 2GB and windows 7 32bit.......i wanna know if i can tweak just a little OR should i leave it alone because it's already the highest my card can get? what best for me?? :D :D :D :D :D
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  1. Hardly worth the effort because of GPU limitations of the card. If you are gaming upgrading to a better card is the best option.
  2. yes i overclocked it to 661/1573/560 and worked stable and actually gave a 4-5 fps gain in bf3 and metro 2033.
  3. Yes u can overclock geforce 210 by using MSI Afterburner but it will only help u 15% because this is a very low card... but i prefer leaving it on its default because the changes doesnt seems to be noticable on that card.
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