PNY GTX 470 fan speed problems

I have a PNY GTX 470 that is giving me nightmares over trying to keep it cool. I use it to play FFXIV and it runs pretty hot with the stock fan and settings mainly due to the fact it doesn't run over 60% fan speed. I have tried msi afterburner, evga precision, riva tuner, speed fan and xtreme tuner but every single program glitches and ends up killing the fan somehow and the card freezes my PC when it hits 105C. When the programs are working they keep my card around 70C running the fan around 70%. Is there a program out there I haven't tried or a older version of the ones I have tried that I can trust to leave my PC and not worry coming back to a frozen PC? Or should I just invest in a slot fan or aftermarket cooler for the card? I have a previous thread with my setup and specs here:

Some people have said that it runs hot and it isn't a problem but I have recently been hitting temps over 100C with the stock settings and twice hit the 105C mark having it shut down FFXIV. Somebody please help before I go crazy!
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  1. Oh here is a SS of GPU-Z also:
  2. SS with EVGA Precision running

    SS stock fan
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    You can certainly try a different driver version from nVidia and see if it allows MSI Afterburner to work properly.

    However, your screenshot indicates that EVGA Precision works. It shows 71% fan speed and a lower temperature than your "stock" screenshot that shows 66% fan speed. However, the GPU load is not the same between the two screenshots. So they really aren't comparable.

    What kind of PC Case are you using? And what size fans (and how many) are in it? The GTX 470 does run very hot temperatures, and requires a good flow of cool air being blown INTO the case. The fan on the GPU uses the air that's inside the case. So if the temp inside the case is high, it can't cool very well.

    I've never had my GTX 470 over 95C, even while running the Furmark stress test program. And even running the Multi-Gpu Furmark with TWO GTX 470's in SLI I don't go over that. Granted I've used MSI Afterburner to adjust/customize my fan speed settings.

    EDIT: Ok I saw your specs in your other thread. Using the RAIDMAX SMILODON Case.

    So you've got a 120mm front fan pulling in cool air, and a smaller 90/92mm fan pulling in air through the side of the case (albeit not blowing on the right end of the GPU).
  4. By the way, can you explain more about what you mean here?

    I have tried msi afterburner, evga precision, riva tuner, speed fan and xtreme tuner but every single program glitches and ends up killing the fan somehow and the card freezes my PC when it hits 105C.

    How does it "glitch"? Can you actually open the case and see that the fan stops moving entirely?
  5. Well I'm not really sure what happens when it glitches. A few different things have happened with the various programs. I have had the card start screaming sounding like it kicked up to 100% fan speed and lock up killing my monitor feed, have had the fan sound like its running at 40% but the temp just starts increasing up to 105% and also sometime when I used msi afterburner the fan speed control would flip backwards where decreasing fan speed % would rev the fan up and vise-versa. Anytime I play for more than a couple hours or so seems like something happens with any of the programs I use and the temp jumps up. Don't think I have ever been able to leave FFXIV running and come back to a unfrozen PC unless FFXIV got shut down. Here is a SS of full load with EVGA Precision running correctly
  6. Did some searching around the net on gtx 470 issues and seems there are others who are having this black screen of death problem. On one thread in particular I read that other temp monitoring programs can cause programs like msi afterburner and evga precision to not work properly. Is this true? I have been using CPUID hardware monitor and/or GPU-Z almost all the time when I use these fan speed programs. Also should I have any concerns that I have hit thermal shut down half a dozen times or so? Sorry for being such clueless soul, seems I have gotten way over my head and might be doing more harm by tinkering with my system with such lil knowledge :(
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